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Deuces & Joker Hands

The poker hands below are standard card combinations in poker that make up winning hands. They are used in calculating the winnings of the player.

Hand Description Example
4 Deuces & a Joker Four twos and joker. 2  2  2  2 Joker
Natural Royal Flush This is the highest hand in Poker. These cards must be face cards and the 10 and in the same suit. A  K  Q  J 10 of spades
4 Deuces Four twos. 2  2  2  2
Wild Royal Flush This royal flush has been completed with one or more wild cards. Joker  K  Q  2 J  10 of clubs
Five of a Kind Four of the same cards and a two. 7  7  7  7 2
Straight Flush Five sequential cards of the same suit. 2  3  4  5 6 of hearts
Four of a Kind Four of the same cards and one unmatched card. K  K  K  K 5
Full House Three cards of one denomination and two cards of another denomination. 8  8  8  5 5
Flush Five cards of the same suit. 3  6  7  J A of captaincookss
Straight Five cards in sequence of any suit. 7  8  9  10 J  Q
Three of a Kind Three cards of the same denomination and two unmatched cards. 4  4  4  7 J








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